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Bush 41 Hates Bloggers

During an appearance with his wife Barbara on Fox News last night, George Bush senior slammed Internet bloggers for creating an adversarial and ugly climate, echoing the rhetoric of fellow Neo-Cons and the White House itself in trashing the reputation of the world wide web.

HOST: “Why do you think it’s gotten so adversarial? Tonight is literacy. Everybody comes in from all different sides and wants to help. It seems like oftentimes in Washington, you know, on something we all want to work towards it’s not necessarily so civilized. It’s not so pleasant.”

H.W. BUSH: “It’s true but that’s not new really. I mean, you go back in history and you’ll find that there was always adversarial politics. There was always gut fighting. And it’s probably a little worse now given the electronic media and the bloggers and all these kinds of things.”

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The feeling is mutual, George.
We’re probably going to hear more garbage like this while they’re promoting the meme of Here Comes Daddy To The Rescue.
To an elitist, corporate criminal like Bush the 1st, there’s nothing worse than someone daring to speak truth to power. To them, It was bad enough with just print media or televised news. Both required certain amounts of money to disseminate information, limiting most people’s access to those kinds of outlets. The web revolution means virtually anyone – for better or for worse – can become some kind of media outlet. I think there’s a certain segment of the population that finds that genuinely horrifying.

And lest we forget, the Bush family history they’d prefer you didn’t know.

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