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Clear your Calendar for the Washington State Caucus!

The WA Caucus Matters! This Saturday at 1 PM

Here is lots of caucus information.

Be aware you can go to the Washington State caucus, just vote and leave early:

What if I have to leave my Caucus early? When you sign in at your Caucus, your vote will be counted toward the allocation of delegates (which is what your vote counts towards). You will not be able to leave a proxy or voting instructions once you leave (which means you cannot change your vote or have someone else vote for you once you leave).

Your **mail in ballot is meaningless** if you are voting for a Democrat. Toss it out or vote for a Republican before the caucus.

If you are a Washington State registered voter, please find your caucus location, show up and vote for who you want to be the next President!

Update: Article on the delegate situation

6 comments to Clear your Calendar for the Washington State Caucus!

  • slim

    Not to nitpick, but I believe the caucuses are officially scheduled for 1:00-3:00 pm – I don’t want people getting pissy if it’s not over in an hour!

  • admin

    Fixed this. thanks for the correction.

  • Allen

    We as taxpayers are footing the bill for this. So why was mail in ballots mailed out if they won’t count. Just how much money was wasted on this?

    Don’t you people think this caucus BS needs to be done away with and let people mail in or just vote on this. If not, then please explain why you believe in wasting taxpayers money!

    If someone is working on Sat, between the hours of 1-3, they won’t be able to have their vote counted. But using mail in ballots, that is not a problem.

    Would one of you please explain your views on depriving peoples votes, and the waste of taxpayers money.

  • Allen

    Why is the taxpayers money being wasted on the mail in ballots when the demo’s wont count them? What happens when a person who wants to vote happens to have to work during the caucus hours? REAL SIMPLE, THEY DON’T GET TO VOTE.

    ISN’T IT TIME TO CHANGE THIS WASTE TO TAXPAYERS MONEY? Just use the mail in ballots, or have people vote like they would in normal elections. But NO, BOTH parties like to waste taxpayers money for this BS. AND YOU SUPPORT THIS BS? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    And did they taxpayers get to vote on who pays for this primary? Both political parties should pay for it, not the taxpayers. THAT IS ALSO FAIR. Please explain your views on how you support raping the taxpayers again. Other wise, start raising hell to change it.

  • admin


    Not sure if your comments are directed specifically towards the d4v admin or the general public.

    The purpose of the post announcement above is only to inform people with the goal of increasing participation in our democracy as it exists today. It does not constitute an endorsement of how the process works.

    The personal opinion of the administrator is in complete agreement with your comments.

    Unfortunately many people are going to mail in their Democratic ballots and skip the caucus (some because they must due to other commitments) incorrectly believing they are participating.

  • slim

    Allen, I understand what you’re saying; I’m sure many people do not have the opportunity to attend the caucuses. But having attended in 2004, I have to say it’s the closest thing to a real democracy I’ve experienced, particularly since we don’t get to go to polling places anymore and just vote alone at our kitchen tables.

    There’s something to be said for hashing out the issues with your neighbors, particularly since so many of us live such isolated lives these days, going from home to work to home again, turning on the teevee and never associating with anyone beyond our four walls.

    I know caucuses are not the answer, but they are a chance to meet your community of fellow dems. I wouldn’t want to give up caucuses unless we’re going to go back to in-person voting for primaries – maybe that could be on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday!

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